The New Year means new goals and commitments. To help you reach those goals, starting in January 2020, Steadfast is rolling out an expanded CrossFit schedule and a COMMIT TO CROSSFIT NEW YEAR CHALLENGE for all new incoming athletes.

Our COMMIT TO CROSSFIT NEW YEAR CHALLENGE will offer a FIRST MONTH FREE, with a 3-month CrossFit commitment, to all new incoming athletes at CrossFit Plain City. That means you get 3 months of CrossFit Training, with all classes led by experienced and certified coaches for the price of 2 months. All CrossFit memberships also include 24-hour keycard access to the Steadfast Fitness Center. But wait, that’s not all…for all existing members who refer a friend that commits to the 3-month COMMIT TO CROSSFIT NEW YEAR CHALLENGE, you will also receive a one-time membership discount!

Why a 3-month commitment? We believe in what we do. CrossFit Plain City’s program yields results, SAFELY. But like anything else, to see results, a commitment must be made. Change happens over time as you consistently show up. Research suggests that, on average, it takes more than 2 months before a new behavior becomes a habit — 66 days to be exact. Making a 3-month commitment helps establish a new, positive habit in your life and sets you up for future and continued success. This is not a get fit quick scheme. Instead, we want to help you see real, measurable, and observable results.

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