Steadfast Athlete Development

This Weightlifting program for student-athletes is a sport-specific/athlete-specific strength & conditioning program that emphasizes Olympic-style Weightlifting, general strength training, and speed and agility work to produce dominant student-athletes in any sport.

Who is it for?

  • Student-athletes
  • Athletes who are interested in developing speed, strength, and explosiveness
  • Athletes and their parents who are interested in a program that adds structure, guidance, and coaching in a safe and supportive environment
  • Athletes interested in getting involved in the sport of Olympic weightlifting
  • Athletes preparing for collegiate sports

Membership Options

  • 2 days/week – $109/month
  • 3 day/week – $134/month
  • Unlimited Training – $159/month
  • Check the schedule for training times

Steadfast YOUNG Athlete Development

You asked and we are delivering. A spin-off of our popular Athlete Development program curated by our GM and Head Athlete Development Coach, Michael Yoder, our YOUNG Athlete Development program will prep 5th and 6th-grade athletes (~10-12 yo) for our more advanced program. This program will focus primarily on teaching foundational movement patterns that translate well to life and sport such as the Squat, Press, and Deadlift, while safely using little to no weight. Our program will also develop basic motor recruitment patterns in developing youngsters by incorporating balance and stability drills and skills all while having a blast doing it!

  • 12 week pilot program…requires a 12 week (~3 month) commitment payable monthly or paid in full with discount
  • 6 Athlete Maximum…register ASAP to claim your young athletes spot
  • 2 Days/week
  • Begins Monday, February 1st


  • Monday & Wednesday from 3:15-3:55pm
  • $95/month for 1 athlete, $75/add-on
  • $250 paid in full for 1 athlete, $400 for two

Contact Us

Steadfast Performance Training
228 Gay Street | Plain City, OH 43064
Tel: 614.301.6448