Steadfast Seniors 60+

Beginning Tuesday, January, 6th Steadfast is launching an ALL NEW Steadfast Seniors 60+ group fitness class that will be held twice/week, Tuesday and Thursday, at 10am. Led by Coach Priscila, (see Priscila’s bio), this class will emphasize:

  • Overall strength development – emphasizing core and hips
  • Balance and stability
  • Flexibility
  • Cardiovascular and respiratory endurance (conditioning)

At only $45/month, this class is an exceptional value. Here’s what you get:

  • 2 classes/week – all led by an experienced and certified fitness coach
  • 24-hour keycard access to our Fitness Center
  • An opportunity to workout and connect with peers
  • Accountability and encouragement

Effective in January, Steadfast will no longer accept Silver Sneakers but will be replacing this program with the above mentioned Steadfast Seniors 60+ group fitness class. We believe that working out in a group setting is far superior to training on your own. At an advanced age, working out with an experienced and certified coach ensures that you are getting and staying fit in the safest possible manner while also taking all the guesswork out of your workout. You can trust our guidance.

For those who only want keycard access to our Fitness Center, we will be offering discounted rates at $22/month, with spouse add-on for $13/month.

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