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Growth: Stepping Outside of My Comfort Zone

By July 27, 2018February 10th, 2019No Comments

CHANGE is never easy. Change gets us out of our comfort zones. Change pushes us into the unknown, the “what if”. It is the unknown that scares me the most. FEAR. Fear is crippling. Fear keeps us from becoming who we were created to be. Let us overcome this fear, TOGETHER. This is partly why I am sharing a bit of my journey.

Last week I mentioned dominos…each domino represented a time when I was pushed out of my comfort zone and into unfamiliar territory. Domino #1 was meeting Marcus in 2013 and stepping into Shred CrossFit for the first time. Domino #2 was stepping into a coaching role. Domino #3 was leaving a 15 year career in a completely unrelated field to launch Steadfast Barbell. This is where we are today as we tip domino #4. I have become completely comfortable in my role as a CrossFit coach at Shred CrossFit and Owner and Head Weightlifting coach at Steadfast Barbell. Too comforable. Where there is comfort often times there is complacency and even the slightest hint of complacency is detrimental to our effectiveness. Think about it. Our Western culture emphasizes comfort. Everything we do, buy or sell, is aimed at increasing our level of comfort. It is so easy to fall into this trap of pursuing comfort. I believe that if we are always comfortable then we are not growing. If we are not growing then we are regressing, thus our effectiveness as human beings is being diminished. Let it no be so. Change is necessary for growth. Unfamiliar territory and circumstances are a good thing. Let’s embrace the change. Let’s get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It’s the same in fitness as it is in life. This is why I am so drawn to fitness. Fitness mirrors life. Lessons in the gym coincide with lessons in life.

So here I sit at domino #4. With the growth of both Steadfast Barbell and Shred CrossFit, long term, the two can no longer co-exist in the same space. So here we go. Stepping into the unknown, again. Ready for anything with an open mind, we begin looking for a new space…lo and behold, the new space ended up finding us. And it is perfect. Effective September 3rd, 2018 Steadfast Barbell, now among the family of fitness programs at Steadfast Performance Training, will be operating out of a 12,000 sq ft Performance Training Center in Plain City, OH, known locally as Plain City Fitness (or PCF). With our move comes new opportunities to step into an expanded program, but some things will remain the same…What Steadfast Barbell has become will not change. Steadfast Barbell Club will continue to offer the same great weightlifting dedicated programming and coaching for competitive Weightlifters, CrossFitters and student athletes to further develop strength, power, and athleticism, just now with more space and more options. For Steadfast Barbell Club’s Weightlifting schedule and membership options effective Monday, September 3rd, see promo below. As far as the new programs and additional options at Steadfast Performance Training, well you’ll have to wait until next week. I am looking forward to unveiling more. See you soon. Oh, and try stepping out of that comfort zone every once in while 😉

For the sake of GROWTH,

Coach Jonathan

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